Sunday, January 1, 2023


New Years Eve party on Dakota Dream (Sandy & Fred)

Happy New Years Eve gathering on Dakota Dream in sweet Bequia

Hope Bay beach in Bequia with Dawn (Cat Tales)

Hope Bay beach is stunning, after a long hike

The view from Hope Beach, Bequia

Christmas party at the Fig Tree Restaurant, Bequia with Fred (Dakota Dream)

Great friends at the Christmas party at the Fig Tree Restaurant, Bequia. Garry & Linda (X-July Indian), Cheryl (Fig Tree owner and good friend), Fred (Dakota Dream), Dawn and Laurie (Cat Tales)

Just another nice hike on sweet Bequia

Sailing away...

Club Med cruise ship visiting for the day in Bequia

Maria never knows how the eggs will look.  Big and small, they still taste yummy!

S/Y Aspen – January 1, 2023 – Log #187

Aspen Position: 13 degrees 08’ N, 61 degrees 14’ W

Admiralty Bay, Bequia, Caribbean


Happy New Year!


Fireworks painted the night sky in sweet Bequia, celebrating a new year for sailors gathered from all parts of the world.


We had a fun celebration on our friend’s catamaran named Dakota Dream (Fred and Sandy, from North Dakota of course).


Sandy from Dakota Dream, flew in from North Dakota just in time to attend her own party, with twenty sailors welcoming her back to her watery home.  Going from -10F in the north country to +85 tropical degrees is always a shock this time of year!


This morning, things are moving even slower than normal in the anchorage, with the New Year festivities continuing until sunrise on both land and sea.  Sleep will come, once the pulsating music dies down.


Happy New Year 2023 to all from Aspen and her crew!


Sail on, sail on Aspen…


Steve and Maria

PS -

1.     You can follow Aspen’s route here:

2.     Aspen also has a Garmin tracker working so you can follow along:


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