Friday, May 20, 2022

It’s a wrap!

St. Georges, Grenada with Fort George high atop a hill at the harbour entrance.
Having lunch in downtown St. Georges, Grenada with Dawn from Cat Tales.
There are always Carnival festivities happening in Grenada, no matter what time of year it is.
Maria and Dawn under a Kirani banner.  Kirani is an Olympic gold medalist, who represented Grenada, in the 400 meter running event.
The big day when Aspen meets dry land once again
Maria and Laurie of Cat Tales, at lunch in downtown St. Georges, Grenada

S/Y Aspen – May 20, 2022 – Log #183 

Aspen Position: 12 degrees 00’ N, 61 degrees 00’ W 

Prickly Bay, Grenada, Caribbean 

 It’s a wrap! 

It was a close reach, sailing for three days from St. John in the USVI south to Grenada. 

For sailors, that term ’close reach’ means you bash your way into the winds and waves. But close reach sounds so much nicer than reality. 

Our landfall at Carriacou, Grenada found us deep in the southern Caribbean, where time passes very slowly in the tropical heat. 

After the fast-paced life in the USVI, it was a culture shock to once again ease into each new day as slowly as the sun rises above an endless horizon. 

Our stay in Carriacou was not as long as planned, once westerly swells made life onboard Aspen difficult with each uncomfortable roll while at anchor. 

So, without much hesitation, we sailed south to mainland Grenada and the comfort of Port Louis Marina. Ah, no rocking or rolling in the marina! 

While in the marina, we prepared Aspen for her stay on land, due to the upcoming hurricane season. 

Yesterday was haulout day; The long process to move Aspen from the warm Caribbean Sea to a hot and dusty boatyard. 

We call it the boatyard blues, when we work on Aspen sitting on land in the tropical heat and unpleasant humidity. 

However, we fondly raised a toast to a safe hurricane season and dreams of a new sailing season for Aspen in the Caribbean this November. 

Sail on, sail on Aspen…

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