Thursday, February 3, 2022

Spending Time in Costa Rica



Panoramic view of Banana Bay Marina, Golfito, Costa Rica

Maria's tree top flyer ride to Golfito

The Bay

Earthrace, the anti poaching vessel

Appa, the anti poaching dog. They train him by using coconuts in the water

This is the anti poaching drone, wow!

Mess hall onboard the anti poaching ship

Maria enjoying the spacious engine room

At the top of our rain forest hike

Sunset at Golfito.  The photo is un-retouched and as it happened. Notice the raindrops on the water too.

Lunch with our Maine friends, Lisa and Justin, in Golfito after their diving adventure.

View from our rain forest hike
                                                Video of the view at the top of our  rainforest hike

S/Y Aspen – February 3, 2022 – Log #180

Aspen Position: 08 degrees 37’ N, 83 degrees 09’ W

Golfito, Costa Rica


Spending Time in Costa Rica


Maria flew into Costa Rica, nearly a month ago, and instantly recognized Steve waiting for her at the airport in the dark of night.  That was nice!


Flying back to Aspen in Golfito, on a tree-top flier, was Maria’s thrill the next day.  I kept telling her the plane seemed high enough to clear so many endless ridges on the way down to the Pacific Ocean.  Luckily, I was right as we landed in Golfito without any pieces of jungle hanging off the plane’s wings.


Maria got Aspen and the galley back in ship-shape, after Captain Steve’s big adventure out on the ocean.  That took a while and a lot of work but Aspen looks great once again and is ready for more sailing.


Aspen even had her bottom cleaned by a diver in the marina.  Gooseneck barnacles hung like stalactites from Aspen’s stern after being so long at sea, so it was time for some scraping and scrubbing under the water.


Captain Steve opted not to do the underwater work and pay someone instead.  Why?


Ha!  It seems a salt water crocodile lurks underneath Aspen and can be seen swimming about every now and then.  Bottom scraping was better left to the professionals who don’t mind swimming with that kind of danger, Steve thought to himself.


Waiting for our ship to arrive in Golfito, we hike in the rainforest that is at our doorstep, besides taking long walks to the grocery store and little restaurants that sit beside the only road in town.  Yes, this is a very quiet and remote part of Costa Rica, not really visited by many gringo tourists since it is in the very south end of the country.


Once the ship arrives, we will do more exploring of fascinating Costa Rica by car, instead of boat.


Stay tuned!


Sail on, sail on Aspen…

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