Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Rodney Bay Marina

 Aspen at the dock in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.  Aspen is the sailboat with the solar panels on the stern.

A drone picture of Rodney Bay Marina, looking northeast.

Another drone picture of Rodney Bay and Pigeon Island where Fort Rodney is located.

Happy hour with our Danish and Norwegian friends on Touché (Judith, Haakon, Odd and Anne-Lise) along with our Idaho friends on Dream Catcher (Dean & Kim) in the marina.

The view from Fort Rodney, St. Lucia

Maria standing next to our long-time sailing friend's new boat (Ger and Michael).  We sailed with them half way around the world.  Then their previous boat, a Malo, sunk while they were crossing the Indian Ocean and had to be rescued.  Amazing!

Cas en Bas Beach, St. Lucia and the spent booster stage of a rocket that was launched from French Guiana.  

Cas en Bas Beach group hike with Joann (La Vie), Valeria (Iriana), Maria (Aspen) and Kim (Dream Catcher).

Cas en Bas beach and horse back riders enjoying the bay.  The kayak is for safety, as is the guy in the water leading the horses!

S/Y Aspen – March 6, 2019 – Log #163
Aspen Position: 14 degrees 04’ N  060 degrees 57’ W
Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, Caribbean

Yes, Aspen is still in the same place as last time and still enjoying St. Lucia. 

We received our ocean shipment of replacement parts and have been installing them, slowly.  We needed a new toilet and hot water heater.  Those were the big items.  Then there were the sails.  Two new sails were made by Mack Sails in Florida.  After many long ocean passages, it was time for new nice white billowing things that fly from the mast.  We will see if Aspen enjoys her new suit of sails!

Of course we also had lots of little projects to keep us busy, as is always the case on Aspen.

Maria enjoyed going to the women’s weekly luncheons.  No guys are allowed at the luncheons and no boat talk is accepted either!  How much fun could that be, said Steve?  That’s why guys are not invited.

Steve even got some geophysical consulting work done, using Google Fi.  Google Fi allows us to have internet, voice and text messaging without breaking the bank with phone fees.  It is like being at home and no one even knows the difference.  Nice!

It looks like Aspen’s bow will be turned south tomorrow as we head to Bequia, home to lots of cheap lobster, great beach bars and more friends and happy hours.  We’ll see if we can untie our bow lines that seem to have been in one place a long time.

Sail on, sail on Aspen…

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