Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Montana and Wyoming Car Trip!

I flew the drone above Frontier Creek, looking northwest toward Yellowstone.  The Absaroka volcanic range and Washakie Wilderness are spectacular, as you can see in the distance.  No flying is permitted over the Wilderness area so there won't be any grizzly bear sightings either!

Our favorite camp site of all time.  It doesn't get any better than this place, 25 miles up a remote, rutted, dusty logging road in the heart of grizzly bear country (not to mention mountain lions).  But the journey is well worth the effort (see picture below)!

The effort to arrive at Double Cabin is, well, what do you think?

A drone shot looking northwest toward Yellowstone with Frontier Creek below and the Absaroka volcanic field creating the high peaks.  Did I mention the hiking is pretty good too, as long as you carry your bear spray?!?

Launching the drone

 Daybreak in Wyoming and on the road less traveled.  This is what Wyoming is all about!

 Pioneers used the landmark in the far distance on their journey west.

Love the snow fences that are everywhere in Wyoming and Montana.  There is a reason (think LOTS of SNOW in winter)!

Old Faithful with Maria enjoying herself.

When Old Faithful erupted, all you saw were amazed faces and cameras in action to catch the beauty.

There are now more bison in Yellowstone than we have ever seen.

 Heart Mountain in the distance, north of Cody, Wyoming.  Taken with the drone from the less traveled route on the Washakie trail.

The Tetons!  Mount Moran is over my right shoulder with the Grand Teton further south.

The Super volcano of Yellowstone with an active vent oozing out steam in the foreground at Yellowstone Lake.  Yes the volcano will explode again but who knows when!

Driving in Yellowstone can be spectacular too.  Just watch out for those dropoffs!  As the brochure that rangers give everyone entering the park:  "Yellowstone is a dangerous place!"

Pilot Peak and Index Point, Montana.  Still a bit of snow remaining in July.

An early morning wild Wyoming vista.

Beartooth Highway, Montana.  One, if not THE most, spectacular drives in the USA.

Native American history is everywhere in Wyoming.  I don't think the drone would be welcome to fly over this sacred site so I didn't even try.
Maria and I took a trek north to our neighboring states of Wyoming and Montana to revisit places and scenery that was in the recesses of our memories.  The vast expanse of mountains, high plateaus and true western atmosphere was absolutely amazing.  Here is a video and some pictures :)

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  1. Fantastic review of a road trip which we did before our travels aboard S/Y'Piano'. We loved all those places too. Happy days with many more ahead, Sail on Aspen xx