Friday, May 1, 2015

The Time Has Come...

 Clark's Court Bay, Grenada with our cruising friends from Cat Tales (Dawn/Laurie) and Sitatunga (Cindy/Dan).  We were on a long hike to a beach BBQ of course.

It was time for a haircut in Grenada.  Oh boy, a number 4 is actually a number 0.  No afterward pictures but you can look below to the next picture to see the result.

Typical Grenada Hash.  It isn't always about running, geeze.  Mud, steep trails and bushwacking all fit together during a run.

At the Hash finish line, oil-down awaits the runners.  I didn't partake in this stuff.

Maria's initiation ceremony for the Hash House Harriers, after the run.  Maria is wearing a green shirt and is beside the girl with the green shirt in the center of the picture.  The liquid in the air is beer of course!

Aspen hauled out and on land once again.  The white things, green stuff hanging from the propeller and white fungus on the propeller shaft are not good things (see below).

Captain Steve removing all the nasty stuff from Aspen's bottom and coating it will nasty paint that will stop bad things from growing on Aspen.  At least that is the intention.  That is also the reason for the suit, mask, gloves, etc.  Toxic stuff!

S/Y Aspen – May 1, 2015 – Log #133
Aspen Position: 11 degrees 59’ N  061 degrees 45’ W
Grenada, Caribbean

Aspen is resting on land once again and her crew are getting ready to fly back to the good old USA.

How the time has flown since arriving in these little latitudes late last year.  We have had our share of storms and big seas but there were always friendly sailors, enjoyable local people, along with sun, sand and beaches to keep us happy in the Eastern Caribbean.

The list of to do things is getting shorter as the days get ever slightly longer in the tropics.  Grenada heat is upon us so we swelter as Aspen rolls in these anchorages awaiting our trip home.

Maria did her first Hash with the Grenada Hash House Harriers through the hills, mud, sand and swamps and said she enjoyed it.  She also said she probably won't ever do another one.  She prefers to stay at the finish line and watch the runners stagger in.

Sail on, sail on Aspen…

(The book, Voyage Into Hell by Steve Siguaw can be found at too.)

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