Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Aspen near Dragon's Bay, Grenada.

The underwater park in Grenada and the statues.

Closeup of the underwater park in Grenada - just snorkeling around.

Not one of the statues - Captain Steve.

Maria, John, Alex (Free Spirit) and Dawn (Cat Tales) enjoying the beach on Carriacou.

The view from Paradise Beach, Carriacou.  In the distance is Union Island and the Grenadines.

Callaloo at the veggie market - a vegetable Maria enjoys (but not Captain Steve).

Lunch in Hillsborough, Carriacou with Dawn of Cat Tales.

Which came first, the tree or the boulder???

Hiking in Carriacou.

                   Laurie on the catamaran Cat Tales and Steve enjoying beverages in Carriacou.

S/Y Aspen – April 21, 2015 – Log #132
Aspen Position: 11 degrees 59’ N  061 degrees 45’ W
Grenada, Caribbean

We had two of our best sails this year coming down to Grenada.  There were beam winds and small seas that rocketed Aspen from Bequia all the way to Grenada.

Along the way we visited Carriacou, an island that is part of Grenada but obviously left in the past.  It is kind of a backwater place with little traffic and goats, sheep and cows owning a lot of the land.  Life is slow on Carriacou but the locals are nice and friendly toward sailors.

Then it was another fair wind passage to St. Georges, Grenada with a stop at the statues that comprise an underwater park for visitors to admire.  Time has taken a toll on the statures but they are still nice to visit and admire in such a setting.  Admiral Maria decided not to join Steve during the underwater exploration but made sure Aspen stayed safe nearby.

Presently we are at anchor on the east coast of Grenada at Prickly Bay, where cruisers congregate and prepare their boats for storage in the boatyard.  There are still happy hours, weekly hash house harrier runs and places nearby to explore.

Yet there is plenty of hard work to be done before Aspen gets another rest on land.

Sail on, sail on Aspen…

(The book, Voyage Into Hell by Steve Siguaw can be found at Amazon.com too)

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