Friday, September 27, 2013

The Long Passage to Spain

Maria on watch crossing the Mediterranean Sea.  It was a little cool out there!

S/Y Aspen – September 27, 2013 – Log #107
Aspen Position: 37 degrees 35’ N  000 degrees 59’ E (UTC +2 Hours)

It was a long, difficult and sometimes intense 8 day offshore passage from Sicily to Cartagena, Spain.

Aspen clawed her way west, past the dim glow of light on the far horizon from Southern Sardinia on her starboard side.

The strong winds and large seas finally died as we slowly sailed under a canopy of stars that even the ancient mariners looked up at in awe and wonder.

To our port side the unfriendly North African ports in Tunisia and Algeria watched us silently pass in the dark, shielded from their lights by the cloak of night.

Ahead on our bow lay Cartagena - city of fables and lore from glory days gone by.

On a wing and a few prayers (and little remaining diesel fumes!), Aspen carried her crew safely inside the historic port and to the inviting Spanish marina where we now rest.

Welcome to Spain!

Sail on, sail on and sail safe Aspen...

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