Sunday, August 18, 2013

Turkey - What a Place!

Bozukkale, Turkey anchorage.  Aspen is on the far end, 2nd from the end.  Lots of boats on a small dock!

The fantastic restaurant at Bozukkale.  The mezes were to die for, according to Admiral Maria!

Marmaris, Turkey.  Waiting for our pink bus in the background to take us from town back to the marina.

We are motoring and the gullets come by close and fast near us!

Typical market in Turgutreis, Turkey.  The prices are in Euros and Turkish Lyre and there are bargains everywhere...

The Admiral seems to have found something to buy - funny how that always happens!

Typical beach scene in Datca, Turkey.  You see everything here.

 Sunset in Turgutreis, Turkey at D-Marin marina.  That rounded hill on the horizon is Greece!

S/Y Aspen – August 18, 2013 – Log #103
Aspen Position: 36 degrees 59’ N  027 degrees 15’ E (UTC +3 Hours)

"Ramadan is over
the new moon showing her face. 
We're half way 'round the planet
in a most unlikely place."

Thank you that's over! (and to Jimmy too)

The wailing from the mosques pierces the quiet air at the beginning of each new day.  Yes we are back in the Islamic world, Turkey to be exact. 

Yet life is more moderate and religion is not as fervent here as in other parts of the region like Oman and Palestine or other places like that, thank goodness!  Yes there is unrest in parts of Turkey but where in the world can we find stability these days? 

There is no question about our safety here and we think Turkey is one of the best places on the planet to visit, especially to see the ancient historical and archaeological sites dating from prehistoric times right through the dark ages, including World War I and II.

But it is time to leave this magical land as the sea is calling us once again.  Greece lies 6 miles away on the horizon and it is there we will enter the EU and continue to sail westward.

How do we choose where to make landfall in a country since we are on a sailboat?  In a plane everything is set and you fly into an international airport and enter a country.   Simple.   But in a boat things are much different.  We have to make our first landfall in a place that has customs and immigration to greet us (hopefully they are friendly) and allow us into their country after doing a whole lot of paperwork.

We have 2 choices for Greece that are closest to us:  The islands of Simi and Kos.  Simi is a small island but the harbor is very crowded and the agent fees for our paperwork are very expensive.  Instead we chose the island of Kos where the agent fees are much less and there is a marina to stay in.

Even Kos has problems because the only marina is full of charter boats.  There are over 100 charter boats and no room for wandering sailors.  However, we just have to pick our window.  In this case we wait for the charter boats to leave on Monday morning and we can have the marina to ourselves until Thursday.  After that the boats come back like homing pigeons looking for the nest and we must leave.

So off we go!

Sail on, sail on and sail safe Aspen...

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