Monday, May 21, 2012

 Admiral Maria with her healthy fruits and vegetables from the local market in Turgutreis, Turkey

Then there is Captain Steve with his favorite healthy (?) groceries!  At least most of it is dark chocolate!

When we get tired of Turkish cuisine we stop by the local hamburger place - McDonalds in Turgutreis, Turkey!

The Admiral and the Captain – A Study of Contrasts

Yes, we are both sailors now.  We’ve crossed oceans together, survived vicious storms and knockdowns at sea and explored magical places onboard Aspen all around the world.   But as much as the Admiral and the Captain are the same there are significant differences too.  For example:

- When the wind and waves rage around Aspen, Admiral Maria likes to watch the movie The Devil Wears Prada while Captain Steve sits outside in the cockpit and worries about the weather.

- On calm days at sea Admiral Maria enjoys reading a new book.  Captain Steve sits outside in the cockpit reading repair manuals about how to fix what is currently broken on Aspen.

- Once we make landfall in a new country Admiral Maria finds the local market and browses the strange fruits and vegetables, searching for just the right combination for dinner.  Captain Steve waits in endless lines for custom, immigration and port authorities to check Aspen and her crew into the country so they can stay and he can fix things on the boat.

- Admiral Maria forbids anyone from coming near her galley while Captain Steve stands guard over Aspen’s engine and other critical parts, avoiding the galley of course.

- Anchoring is Admiral Maria’s responsibility: dropping the anchor, retrieving the anchor, securing the anchor, fishing mooring lines out of the water and dealing with the marina tenders who ask her all sorts of questions as Aspen is preparing to tie up to a dock.  Captain Steve sits at the helm looking important and trying not to crash Aspen into the dock or go aground.

- Admiral Maria eats healthy (she likes to graze), cooks healthy and exercises regularly to maintain her fitness and mental health.  Captain Steve runs way too much and as you can see from the attached pictures, eats less than a wholesome diet!

Sail on, sail on and sail safe Aspen…

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