Saturday, May 28, 2011

Aspen is Loaded!

The mv Palmerton - our transport ship!

Looking up Aspen's mast while we are floating in the water, trying not to hit the big yellow bar! We had a few inches to spare.

Looking up where we will be going and the big yellow crane that will lift Aspen.

Aspen loaded on the deck of the Palmerton with one of the really big sailboats going in right beside little Aspen!

Captain Steve working hard to secure everything on Aspen. It is really really hot!

This is how the crew swings the boats onboard. This is our friend's boat, Blue Magic.
The end result - Aspen loaded on the mv Palmerton in Salalah, Oman. This is the very exhausted crew.

S/Y Aspen – May 29, 2011 – Log #75
Position: 16 degrees 56’ N 054 degrees 00’ E (UTC +4 Hours)
Salalah, Oman

The big ship arrived in Salalah, Oman. Her name is the Palmerton and she is a sight for tired eyes.

Several days before her arrival were filled with port logistics and meetings. Two loading masters came and went before one arrived who wanted to stay and work on the project.

The first day in port, the loading process started at 1:15 pm and three boats were loaded, with Aspen being the 3rd boat! It took 4 tries to get the big crane properly positioned for Aspen's lift out, pulling her 50 feet into the air alongside the big ship. The crane then rotated over the ship, swinging Aspen into place near the stern of the Palmerton.

2 hours later Aspen was securely welded onto the deck of the Palmerton - not Aspen but the steel supports that are holding her.

It was like a giant black cloud suddenly dissipated all around us as we realized what had just happened. Aspen, our home for the past 28 months, was sitting securely onboard a ship that will take her away from the most dangerous waters in the world. Aspen is safe, as are her owners.

Marmaris, Turkey is Aspen's next destination. We will go by way of Greece with a short ferry ride to Marmaris when we know our ship is arriving.

Sail on, sail on and sail safe Aspen…

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